2011, Total Traffic Jam in Jakarta

February 5, 2008

(imported, originally posted on Dec 13th, 07)

The Facts:

That title was the headline of Republika today. It was predicted before, that in 2014 all of the roads in Jakarta will be fully covered with vehicles. Now, the prediction changed. The catastrophe will take place 3 years sooner, which means in 2011 there won’t be any space on the roads of Jakarta left if all of the Jakarta vehicles are placed on them. The prediction based on the fact that the growth of vehicles number that stretches to 9.5 % per year.

Currently, there are about 5.7 million units of vehicles in Jakarta. Based on the data per October 2007, 57 % are 2-wheels vehicles and the 43 % are vehicles with 4-wheels or more. Among those numbers, 98.5 % are personal vehicles, while the rest are public transportations. What makes things worse is that the enormous numbers of personal vehicles only transport 44 percents of the road user, while the rest are carried by the public transportation which only a few in numbers.

The Opinion:

Obviously, Jakarta needs more public transportations. But the next important thing is how to make citizens of Jakarta aware of this situation and, with their own consciousness, start using the public transportation. There’s a lot of reasonable explanation why the public transportation is not popular among them. One of them is the security issue. It is well known that you have to keep your eyes on your belongings when you get into a public transportation in Jakarta, especially the busses. The criminals there are so aggressive that usually no one will try to help you when the crime happens to you, even when they are alerted.

Other reasons are the comfort and the punctuality of the public transport itself. With a limited number of vehicles, it’s really hard to get the comfort and the punctuality at the same time. I’ve experienced that a lot of times. For the sake of timekeeping, I was forced not to breathe oxygen in those vehicles, but carbon dioxide that was exhaled by the person in front of me. Well actually, it didn’t taste so bad, lol.

Based on my calculation referred to the facts above, if the government can do something to change the citizens’ perception about the public transportations, every addition of 10 public transportations can replace 830 personal vehicles. Of course my calculation still uses rough assumptions and estimations. But there’s one thing for sure, Jakarta intolerably needs more safe public transportations.

Song of The Day: Sunshine – Frente
It’s just another beautiful normal day.

Hero(in) of The Day: Rahmi Aria Putri
Thanks for the movies, Sis!

Moral of The Day: Slacking makes you thicker and poorer.
Sleeping when it was raining felt so damn good.


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