Last week I went to a supermarket to buy some snacks and drinks as supplies for my travel back from Bandung to Jakarta. At the time, I needed three bottles of mineral water. Strangely, I chose three different brands, Aqua (Danone), Ades (Coca Cola Company), and Pure Life (Nestle) and decided to observe rather than to drink them.

Aqua is a very well known brand in Indonesian market. It’s the pioneer, the “top of mind” among the others, and therefore the market leader among the bottled mineral water products. It also has Danone as the “holding brand”. No wonder in Indonesia the word “Aqua” is often used to refer bottled mineral water of any brands.

Until last year, Ades is the biggest competitor of Aqua. It has Coca Cola Company behind its back. Therefore, it is a quite difficult challenge for a newcomer to compete with the giants. Mostly the newcomers only play in the lower level market to fight for the areas that aren’t touched by the giants.

Then Nestle’s Pure Life came and have been slowly “stealing” the costumers of the giants. How are they doing it? First, they are using pricing strategy. The price of a Pure Life is slightly lower than the price of Aqua, while Ades set a bit higher price than those two products.

Second, they are using exposures, a lot of exposures. While Vit using a different color attribute, which is red, to steal consumer’s attention, Pure Life do smarter things. It doesn’t use other color than blue because the basic need of people who buy mineral water is freshness, and blue reflects freshness. Instead, while others use dark blue, Pure Life uses lighter sea-blue to show freshness. It also uses a more blue-ish plastic container to emphasize the freshness image that it is quite noticeable among others when arranged in places like supermarket.

Another smart exposure that is created for Pure Life is the placement of the label. Most of mineral water product place their labels on the top half of the bottle. Pure Life does a different thing by putting it on the lower half of the bottle to make it looks different. It also uses Nestle as the umbrella brand by exposing it on the label. It’s one of the important weapon to fight the giants because Nestle is very well known for food and beverage products with top quality. That’s why most people know the product as Nestle instead of Pure Life.

Can the giants stop this threat? Aqua has done some strategies. One of them is the price adjustment by reducing the packaging cost. What about Ades? I think they haven’t done a noticeable change to overcome the threat. If this continues, there is a possibility that Pure Life will take its position as the top rival of Aqua.

Hero(es) of The Day: Kontrakan Gank
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Moral of The Day: Minimize mistakes!
Even one scene can be so exhausting . . .

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