I’m utilizing this blog to practice my writing skill. Therefore, feel free to drop any comments regarding the material I wrote, or even about grammatical or spelling correction. Thanks.

About Me

My name is Yusuf Aria Putera. I’m a son to Muhammad Arsyad Mujahid and Doria Anwar and a big brother to Utami Aria Puteri and Rahmi Aria Putri. I’m an Indonesian citizen with Minang blood flowing in my veins. Like most of Indonesians, I’m a Muslim and proud of it. Being born in this country is one of God’s greatest gifts to me. It’s the country where I can discover the greatnesses and beauties of God’s creations, including the splendid meanings of difference and tolerance.

I was born in Jakarta about 23 years ago. I spent 14 years of my childhood life in Bangka, a little island on the east of Sumatra with a lot of beautiful beaches. I also had been living  in Bandung, a city where the beauties are everywhere, for 9 years. Since  March 2008, I live in Jakarta. It’s the city of challenges. My objective of moving to the city is to pursue better educations. Of course I’m not planning to be in this place for the rest of my life. I have an obsession of going overseas or everywhere that provide me chances to learn about every different new things that I couldn’t find in this country.

After finishing my study in Institute Technology of Bandung majoring Electrical Engineering, I’m currently in my first year of postgraduate study in Prasetiya Mulya Business School. To me, education is a very important thing. And during my ups and downs in life, I find out that education is not about what you learn, but it’s about how you learn it. It’s not about the outcomes, it’s about the process. It’s simply because happiness is not a destination, it’s a voyage.


12 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. nico said

    It’s simply because happiness is not a destination, it’s a voyage.

    haha,cool,one day i’ll quote this:D

  2. Yusuf Aria said

    Please then. But don’t give me the credit, coz they aren’t my words, hehhe. Can’t figure out who’s the one.

  3. siti said

    ya elah cuup fotomu itu loo :p

  4. Yusuf Aria said

    lol, the graduation photo is in progress. lebih ganteng pastinya 😀

  5. ubz said

    ehehe, now you should change this profile cup! cheers!! dadahin gajah di belakang tuh!

  6. angin165 said

    congratulations, welldone!!
    please, update your profile now 🙂

  7. di bookmark?
    whaaa, makasiii
    btw, Nice Girl?
    hahahaaa, mudah2an saya gak salah baca 😀

  8. dian said

    Ucup…anscheinend muss ich ein Wörterbuch mitnehmen, wenn ich dein Blog lese. Sehr schön! Bin sehr stolz auf Dich 🙂

  9. dita said

    ehmphh..serius bgt???photo hina nya mana???

  10. Yusuf Aria said

    @ubrit n windra
    thanx a bunch, hehhe .. akhirnya kluar juga ..

    gak salah kok, hehhe .. keep writing nice stuff ya ..

    @frau dian und dit
    Danke! I miss the class banget nih, hehhe ..

  11. aditya pradana said

    cupski..gw baru tau lo punya blog..
    keren euy..

  12. Yusuf Aria said

    hehhe .. iseng-iseng berhadiah dit
    improving english dikit2,,

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