I would like to give all of my praises and gratitudes to Allah SWT for the blessing, mercy, and favor so that I could finish this Final Project which titled Unbalanced Three Phase Power Flow Study for Java-Bali 500 kV Interconnection System under Balanced Load Condition. This Final Project Report is one of the requirements for the completion of my study in Electrical Engineering Department, Institute of Technology Bandung.

In this occasion, I would like to thank every person who has contributed a lot in the completion of this Final Project. Specifically I would like to thank:

  1. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Nurdin and Ir. Nanang Hariyanto, MT as my Final Project mentor who have given me guidance, directive, advice, and stimulus needed for this study completion.
  2. My beloved parents and all of family members for the moral and material supports which help me a lot in this study completion.
  3. Dr. Ir. Yusra Sabri, Dr. Ir. Mukmin Widiyanto A., and Dr. Ir. Redi Mardiana, as the trial interviewing lecturer for the critics, advice and suggestion on this report.
  4. People at PT. PLN (Persero) P3B Gandul, especially Ir. Nur Pamudji, MSc; Ir. Priyono Rahardjo, MT; and Ir. Syofvi Feliyanti, MT, for the data and information used in this study.
  5. Friends in Electrical Engineering, specifically fellows in Power Engineering for the supports and stimulus, especially for my comrades in SCADA Laboratory, Ahadillah, Radison, Riza, Soni, Tofan, and Zulfikar.
  6. Hafiz, Inggita, Marfan, Nico, Norman, Nurvit, Prawira, Rangga, Siti Halida, Sofyadi and Syukriansyah who kept supporting me in the completion time.
  7. Frau Dian and fellows of Sprachkurs, Andika, Bahrelvi, Dita, Fima, Ira, Riana and Zico for the amazing moments.
  8. Mr. Qomar, Mr. Firm, and fellows of CV class, Dian, Gira, Made, Mitha, Mustika, Nina, Rael, Reza, Septian and Siti Raudoh for those great times.
  9. My fellows at Incubus FC especially the activists, Caax, Chandra, Dimz, Faisal, Fajar, Kiki and Reza for all of the fun.
  10. Ir. Widiatno Murtadji; Farisol Eko Pamudji, ST; Herry Setyo Purnomo, ST, and those staffs and partners at PT. Metaepsi for the precious experiences I got in KE-3 Project during this study completion.
  11. All the teachers and staffs of Electrical Engineering Department for the priceless helps that I got during my years of study.
  12. All parties, whom I could not mention one by one, who have directly or indirectly contributed in the completion of this Final Project. Especially, for all of my friends who have given me amazing supports so that I can be a better person as the time goes by.

I completely realize that this report is still far from perfection, namely in the writing techniques and the subject matters. Therefore, I would like to apologize for my limitations and humbly hope for the constructive critics and advices for the improvement of this Final Project.

Bandung, February 2008

Yusuf Aria Putera


6 Responses to “PREFACE”

  1. sofyadi said

    wah nama gw d belakang.. Ga ad alasan kalah abjad!! laen kali bilang bonyok gw namain Asofyadi Ikhsan ahh..!

  2. Machmoey said

    Beda proyek sih jadi ga masuk namanya, huhu
    padahal ngerjain admin ITnya barengah, hehe

  3. Yusuf Aria said

    Masuk kok muy, “and those staffs and partners at PT. Metaepsi ”
    hehehe …
    jadi termasuk ente, siti, iyan, pa sung, pa nur abdi, pa arif, mbak diyah, pak willy, mbak yuli, pak mardi, mbak alliya, mas mochtar, mas karno, mas wakigami, mas komazawa, mas tobing, mbak nemoto, dll … banyak kan hahaha
    3 yg gw tulis tu yg ngerekrut gw ke Metaepsi :p

  4. siti said

    “mas karno, mas wakigami, mas komazawa, mas tobing”
    awa awa yae si ucup teh 🙂
    untuk “mas tobing” yakin tuh makasih?? 😀

  5. Yusuf Aria said

    wuih … makasih banget itu mah. He’s my mentor who opened my eyes about how bad the realty is. hehhe, thx mas 😀

  6. dita said

    amazing moments aja nih???yakiin…hahahha piss!!yamg hina2 juga termasuk amazing moments sih ya??

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