(imported, originally posted on Dec 16th, 07)

Everybody knows that Capello is an outstanding coach. He got a lot of champion titles from Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga. As a matter of fact, he’s the one who led my beloved AS Roma to the Scudetto title in 1999.

What bothering me is that he’s now being hired to coach England. I’m a big fan of them, Capello and England. Capello, as what I mentioned before, is an excellent coach that always strongly applies the disciplines to his team. While England team is a national team that is crowded with a lot of international best players. Their characteristic is the exceptional kick-and-rush style of playing which makes them one of the best attacking national team.

I don’t think that both of them will match nicely. I even predict that Capello will try to change the style of England. The worst thing that can happen is when he tries to apply the Cattenacio style to England. England can loose their attractiveness even tough they probably could make a better achievement.

But the fact is Capello will coach England until 2010. It’s really reasonable considering the how agitated the FA and how restless the England supporters have become when England failed to qualify playing Euro 2008. All I can do is just hoping that England could get better without loosing their attractiveness.

Song of The Day: Duality – Slipknot
Confused between what I did and what I should’ve done.

Hero of The Day: Mr. Prawira a.k.a Aplo
Thanks for reminding me to prepare myself for the exam!

Moral of The Day: Delusional problem can occur from a daydream.
Suddenly woke up furious? What’s wrong with me? So strange.